Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Katye's Birthday

Earlier this year, my friend Rita and I went to the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington.  It's a fabulous event.  They always display samples from each class that is offered.  So you walk away with so many ideas and inspiration.  One of the displays was something similar to these.  It was Christmas themed.  When I saw it I turned to Rita and said I think that we can make this.  And so I have.  I'm sure that the class gave you a template and many other ideas as to make this an easier project.  I just worked with it until I got the spacing to my liking. I think that the one we saw used smaller squares.  Unfortunately I was working from the images in my head because they don't let you take photos!  So this was my version of it.  And of course instead of just doing Christmas I had to do it all with the idea that this could hang all year and be interchangeable.  The background is 5 inches wide and I used 2 inch squares.  I used too many products to name them all. This is a perfect project for a paper hound like me!!!

As always.....Thanks for looking!!

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